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“I’ve lost 15.5 lbs in 6 weeks”

I love that I have direct access to Ky and the team and I can get real time feedback when I have a question. My favorite part is the ease of tracking my exercise. Ky has created specific workouts based on exercises I actually like doing and the app makes it’s so easy to complete these. Now I just pull up my app and follow my virtual trainer.

I’ve lost 15.5lbs in 6 weeks and honestly found a lifestyle that is totally sustainable.


What They Say About the Supplements

I’ve NEVER felt better, like ever.

My husband thinks I’ve probably lived most of my life protein deficient. Thank you!

I love the chocolate protein shakes and even though I love vegetables I still love the bulletproof greens by

I feel great and full of energy!

I feel great and full of energy! This is mainly because of the team behind the app Ky & Jodi but also thanks to the supplements I have been taking which Ky recommended. They are from Prestige Labs, which contain exclusively naturally occurring ingredients.

My Favorites!

These are my favorites! I know its hard to get in enough protein, especially if you’re not a huge meat eater, like me. Couldn’t do it without my protein shakes.

AMAZING Supplements!!

Loving the life transforming habits, strength training and customized 1:1 support from Ky, Jodi and team and these AMAZING supplements from @prestigelabs. Energy and clarity to spare and never felt healthier!

Ready for the Challenge!

I am so ready for my lifestyle change!! I am also going to win this challenge. My pre workout was super yummy! I can’t wait to try the protein! By April 10 I will be the best version of myself! 🎉😊🎉 and @therealkyevans @prestigelabs  

Love it!!! 

The AM and PM burn are must haves! They compliment what I’m doing with my nutrition and fitness perfectly! The vanilla ice cream protein powder is so yummy!!! Yes I said it A PROTEIN POWDER IS YUMMY!! And it mixes so well with peanut butter powder or fresh fruit! Love it!!!

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“I lost 12 pounds in only 9 weeks”

– Kelley Jane A.
Honestly I was just telling my husband this morning, I’ve NEVER felt better, like ever. I’ve never been a big meat eater.

I feel better now than I did at 21 for sure at 31 and at 41 and I just turned 51!

My mood and everything I just feel great.

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24/7 Support In The Palm Of Your Hand

Immediate Access to my coach across the country!

Christine S.

I love the app! It blows my mind the app has all this info, but really gives me immediate access to my longtime coach Ky Evans when I need him and he’s 2500+ miles away!

I’m in LA and he’s in Miami!! THAT. IS. A W E S O M E!! 👏🏼💪🏼☕😜🎊

Best Fitness Tracking App

Lauren Gomez

Started using this app a couple weeks ago and love it so much! From it being user friendly, to having everything you need to be tracking very easily accessible– it really is the best.

It’s made tracking my daily progress nice and easy, which has always personally been very tough for me- until I started using this app!! Even though it’s been really rough at work, I still made it a point to try and set myself up as best I can to stick to the fasting and be on it with my meals, which so far so good!

Thank you for all the support!

So Easy – I feel so much better!

Gigi Arroyave

I Love this app. So complete and easy to navigate. I loved last minute cleansing . I will do it for life. I have not weighed myself but my clothes are bigger on me.

Cleaning my liver is the best thing ever I feel so much better I feel great I love it I want to do it everyday.

Best App out there!

Isabella V

Absolutely life changing. Ky and this app, helps you have a complete positive lifestyle change while holding yourself accountable.

Great for anybody who wants to actually put in the work, while being supported by Ky and his team along the way.

Honestly, this is a life changing app.

If you want to have a lifestyle change and actually hold yourself accountable, while being supported by the amazing team behind this.

The App is Amazing! 

Deanna S.

It’s individualized to your specific needs and goals. You can chat with Ky directly. And group chat to cheer on others on their accomplishments and yours !

Truly helps with accountability. Very user friendly app. And syncs to my Apple Watch which is literally on my wrist 24/7!

Ky & Jodi are amazing. They truly care and really help get you to your goals. Any questions or concerns they address immediately !

Ky’s knowledge of exercise, the body, personal training plus nutrition….

He’s the best coach!

I feel great and super strong!

Nichole S.

The App is great! It focuses on everything fitness related from your daily steps to your calorie intake, lean body mass, and more! You can even add pictures to track your progress which is cool. It also links to your smartphone such as Fitbit or Apple Watch which is so convenient.

I find it great that Ky Evans, the mastermind behind this, actually checks on you with the app and you can communicate with him which is very different from the typical app. This makes it tailored to each individual.

You guys made it so easy. You listened to my needs diet wise. Which is huge! I feel great and super strong!”

Simple Fitness App to keep on Track 

Jaclyn H.

This App is super simple at tracking food and fitness and is key to success! Been using now for two weeks and love how simple it is to log all my workouts and monitor food intake. Integrates well with fitness apps to bring information from several sources to one simple easy to understand dashboard. Definitely recommend!

Love working with Ky and the app. Ky responds so quickly and is so understanding of each of his clients needs. The app is amazing, especially using it with the Apple Watch. Starting workouts from the watch makes working out fun and easy. Ky really listens when you are having troubles and modifies everything to fit your needs. Can’t say enough good things.

Just stop looking for other apps

Joanna S.

This is such a user friendly app! I downloaded this to start a new challenge and it literally took me like 7 minutes to learn it. It’s super user friendly and it allows you to communicate both with your coach and other users, super easy to access all important information such as meal plan, work out plan, etc.

One of my favorite features is that it let’s you modify your workouts to them to your daily progress, or even add new types of workouts (from classes to field sports). It also lets you sync all sorts of fitness devices and it automatically updates every night. Seriously, just stop looking around for other apps!

Great app

Jason H.

Love this app. Very easy to use and keep in contact with my trainer. The compatibility with the Apple Watch is my favorite.

Being able to start my workouts from the watch and have the rest periods added makes working out a breeze. The app keeps getting better with each update.

Just stop looking for other apps

Kim L.

So amazing! Really enjoy the whole process!

Lifestyle changes have never been this easy, thorough and well supported. Really a great application to get healthy results, education and physical changes desired.

I’m definitely feeling lighter and drinking water is seriously cleaning my system!

Definitely a 5🌟 for this app

Barbara G.

It is finally something different!! Just what I need as it works perfect with a busy work schedule. Not only does it track and help you through your workouts but there are a bunch of nutrition tips.

Besides that, Ky guides you, cheers you on and does weekly check ups on how you are doing/feeling. Its a personal coach IN AN APP!! How amazing right!!?!!

The app is user-friendly and it’s great how the group members motivate each other.

I love this App!

Mateo K.

This app has brought so much structure in my life that I had been struggling with for years in terms of my health all in THE SIMPLEST WAY POSSIBLE!

I love how Ky and Jodi (app creators) take the time to check in with you personally and see what your fitness goals are so that they can custom each workout and meal plan tailored to your goals and what equipment is accessible to you. And there’s SO MUCH MORE beyond just fitness and nutrition including meditation, daily reminders, and daily body stat tracking. I HIGHLY recommend this app!

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“Wow I couldn’t ask for more! 

– Michele M.
Ky has been so great in providing healthy eating, appropriate supplements, training, accountability as well as being extremely positive and supportive.

Reached My Goal In Only 9 weeks!
Now I am down 29.6 pounds and 16% Body Fat

Wow I couldn’t ask for more! Thanks Ky and Jodi, you both are the best!
Such a great feeling when someone notices you have lost weight. Just was outside and my friend walked by. She said you really have lost weight and you look great! Made my day and had to share!!

Progress Photos…

The Thing You Think Is Wrong With You…
Is The Thing That Will Make You Great.


VIP Fitness Trans4mation Experiences

Isn’t it time you stopped working out and started getting results?

“Highly Recommended!”

– Jaclyn H.
Ky and Jodi are the best duo of coaches. Together they personalize your workouts to suit what’s best with your body. Ky is always available whenever you need him. Together with Prestige Labs, he creates a nutrition program to get your body working at its maximum. The app that Ky uses is amazing. It connects with your apple watch and you can do follow your workouts directly from you watch. Makes working out easy. The personal workouts have tutorials for each move so its like having Ky right there training you.

I lost 22 lbs in 4 months.

Ky sets personal goals for you and cheers you on every time you meet or exceed them. I can’t say enough good things about them.

Isn’t it time you stopped working out and started getting results?


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